Why you should join my Nutrition Reboot program

Why you should join my Nutrition Reboot program

There is a lot of confusion out there, and a lot of contradicting information in the wellness and nutrition arena. But the reality is simpler than that: the physiology of the body does not change very quickly and there is common knowledge and scientific evidence for what constitutes healthy eating habits.

With my Nutrition Reboot program, we will go over the foundation of healthy eating starting with getting to know the food you already eat and improving or making changes from there.

This is the program that underpins my Emotional Eating Program because it also gives the tools to reduce sugar in your diet and consequently to get out from the physical “sugar rollercoaster” and sugar addiction.

The Nutrition Reboot program aims to help you rebalance your diet, cut down hidden sugar and reduce the glycaemic load of your meals whilst still enjoying your food. You will learn to create a balanced meal, and increase the nutritional value of the food you eat.

You will learn an easy blueprint that can underpin your journey to a more intuitive and attuned relationship with food, free of “food dogmas” and more in line with the needs of your body.


We will start with you, and create a customized journey tailored to your current lifestyle, likes and dislikes, family needs and your own personal health and wellbeing needs. It comes with a full lifestyle and diet assessment and unlimited food, mood, exercise and sleep diary + support in between sessions.

Get it for this week only with a promotional discount to mark the launch of my online store. Follow the link below to be redirected to my online store and redeem your 35% DISCOUNT.


This course is on request and will start when I have enough people interested to form a little group. You will get the same content of the bespoke program, without the personalization. It comes at a lower price point.

Both online nutrition coaching programs come with lots of recipes and meal ideas!


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