Why you should hire a health coach

Why you should hire a health coach

The way we eat, sleep, exercise or deal with stress, deeply affects our physical and mental wellbeing, while thoughts, emotions and beliefs deeply affect our behaviours and lifestyle habits.

You cannot really address one without the other and expecting long terms, sustained lifestyle change. This is why working with a health coach, can help kickstart and sustain the change, connecting you with your more authentic self and motivations, helping you reframing your goals, and supporting you through natural setbacks and negative self-talk.

  • Help you find and reconnect to your motivation, to help you kickstart and sustain change.
  • Help you avoid the most common pitfalls in goal setting and establish realistic goals aligned with your values.
  • Address the imbalances in your current eating regime, helping you to improve your metabolic & general health, increasing the level of energy and well-being with a non-diet approach.
  • Show you different ways to include movement and exercise in your daily routine, even if you have little time, feel fatigued or have little pre-disposition to exercise.
  • Help you rebalance your physical & mental energy addressing common sleep pattern dysfunctions.
  • Help you find tools to manage your stress.
  • Provide you with a framework to address burnout.
  • Live a more purposeful and meaningful life.
  • Rewire your brain for better lifestyle habits.
  • And more……

The side effects may include: weight loss or correction, more energy and vitality, better hair and skin, better metabolic health, less inflammation, better digestive health, a higher level of fitness, more calm, less overwhelm, more life satisfaction and sense of purpose.

A health coach is a facilitator, a sort of navigator that will support you on a journey to better health, providing you tools to address long term lifestyle changes and personal growth.

If you would like to create better long term health and wellbeing for yourself and your family, please get in touch to book a 20 min FREE discovery call to see whether health coaching is right for you.


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