Why you should hire a health coach

Why you should hire a health coach

Because those changes are hard to make! A health coach is defined as a wellness expert and mentor that helps clients establish healthy eating and lifestyle habits creating tailored and sustainable plans.

Then what is the difference between a health coach and a nutritionist, I hear you asking. The main difference is that a health coach will, whilst often starting from the food you eat, take in consideration all the aspects that influence well-being rather than focusing only on nutrition.

Most people eat when they are stressed, forget to exercise because they have too many things to do, struggle to keep a routine because they get overwhelmed by life, or don’t sleep well because they cannot manage to, and so they are tired and moody during the day, triggering bad eating habits and getting even more tired! How do you get how of a vicious cycle like this? You hire a coach.

A health coach will help you streamline all the confusing nutrition and wellness information out there, and  help you prioritize cutting through the overwhelm so that you can get some self-care routine.

A health coach is there to support you and keep you on focus, when you relapse and eat that packet of cookies and feel guilty afterwards, when you have a good week and then all of sudden life get so busy that all your new healthy principles go out of the window, and a coach is also there to help you clarify what really work for you and where your real priorities really are.

It’s a process and it’s a journey, but feeling good in your body and having tons of energy rather than being your tired self, it’s the basis to live your life to the full and develop your true potential, in life and work.


A health coach is also there to make your journey to healthy habits easier, so I created this handy PDF where I help you out finding out those hidden sugars in everyday foods, with this list of 38 ( but there are more out there) alternative names for sugar, so they you can easily interpret those food labels!

Download your PDF to find out about hidden sugar on food s labels.

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