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What to eat after Christmas

What to eat after Christmas Day to lose weight

I just wanted to share a quick post to respond to all those questions I received on how to balance out those heavy Christmas meals…

First I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas, and I hope that your Christmas did not revolve only around food, but that it was filled with scents, emotions, and connection.

So what to eat after Christmas….


Fish, especially salmon, that increases the level of satiety and white fish. Combine it with sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, aspatragus and a small portion of complex carbs.


Salads, like this beautiful “Salmon, beetroots, and heirloom tomato salad.” Go for salads that have dark green leaves like arugula, and some red ones, like raw red cabbages and radicchio and the vegetables that you have in the fridge: carrots, beetroots, heirloom tomatoes, radish, cucumber.

You can add a raw salad as a second vegetable serving to your main meal or have it on its own with some proteins. Add a little of lemon of apple cider vinegar to your dressings.


Frittatas are a great way to combine all your leftover veggies and cheeses to create a yummy dish that you serve up with a salad. Try this Christmas leftovers Brussels sprouts, potatoes and Stilton frittata.


Soups are great way to help keep weight under control. Make a big pot, eat as much as you like and freeze the rest.


Small fruits like clementines are great as an in-between meal snack. You can also opt for plums, apples, or kiwi. You can also go for a few nuts like walnuts or a full-fat natural yogurt with some berries ( you can also use frozen berries).


Try to avoid alcohol between now and New Year’s Eve. Stay hydrated with herbal teas like rooibos tea, are delicious and comforting. Add spices, like cinnamon, giger or lemon to facilitate detoxification pathways.

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