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Turkey, sage and Parma ham rolls

turkey sage parma ham rolls

A quick and easy meal that will make everybody happy in your family. This recipe is perfect for all those evening meals when you want something satisfying but still quick and easy. Aim at putting only a slice of ham, in order not pile on unnecessary calories and saturated fats.

Try it with a cauliflower mash  (for those who have read my previous food blog on WordPress) or a sweet potatoes mash ad some garlicky spinach. (recipe coming soon for all of these sides).

Try to choose the organic variety if you can as turkey tends to be quite and intensively farmed animal, with all the hormones/antibiotic/ that came with it. I found mine in Wholefoods, but I am sure that you ca find it also in some good neighborhood butcher shop or from a organic farm delivery box.

[lt_recipe name=”Parma ham, turkey and sage rolls” servings=”4″ prep_time=”5″ cook_time=”15″ total_time=”20″ difficulty=”easy” summary=”A tasty recipe for the whole family. Have it with my cauliflower and sage mash.” print=”yes” image=”https://thehealthygourmet.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/IMG_4762.jpg” ingredients=”4 thin turkey escalopes;4 slieces of Parma ham;2 garlic cloves;few sage leaves;a sprinkle of olive oil” ]Place 1 Parma ham slice on each slice of meat, add half garlic cloves ad and two sage leaves. ;Roll the meat and close it with a toothpick, then place them in non-stick pan with a bit of oilve oil.;Let the meat sear, and then lower the heat, and add a little vegetable broth if needed.;Let them cook through and serve with a cauliflower mash.[/lt_recipe]

Why not try this recipe with our “Baby kale, radicchio ad olives salad” or stay tuned in for my “Cauliflower & sage mash” to keep all your family happy!


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