This little known trick will help you find your motivation.

This little known trick will help you find your motivation.

I will tell you a secret. Human beings are wired for pleasure and positive gratification. Nobody is really looking forward to making sacrifices or giving up on chocolate, wine or comfort food.

So how can you make positive changes that bring you towards a healthier lifestyle? How can you find the motivation to finally change habits?

I will give you a few tips.

Instead of focusing on a long term goal, like ” I want to get healthy so to reduce the chance of getting lifestyle diseases” focus on more short to medium term benefits, and keep that long term goal as a sense of direction, the “intention” you want to set going forward. This should make you feel grounded and give you a sense of purpose.

Can you then find more short & medium term benefits of this course of action, of this journey you want to go to? For example you could focus on finding more energy in your everyday life or maybe sleep better? These are benefits that are quite easy to achieve in the short or medium term so that can you look forward to those few lifestyle changes because the rewards are tangible, easier to get and reasonably quicker to get.

Can you then visualize the benefits that come with the achievement of one or two of these short/medium goals? How would that make you “feel”? How can you imagine your life changing for the better if you could have let’s say more energy or finally sleep better and being more rested? Visualize those benefits, say them aloud. Saviour them.

Write those benefits down if that helps, make a list and put it somewhere where you can see it to read and remind you when you feel that you are losing focus.

By moving the positive gratification forward, you are working within our own in-built rewards system, not against it. All the other tools, like visualization, savouring, list making and others that can be used, you are helping to rewire the brain, and those neural patterns that help you maintain those automatic behaviors: your habits.


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