The secrets to self-love

The secrets to self-love

When we value and respect ourselves and our needs, we move from a place of calm and balance, and we reflect this sense of self into the reality and the people around us. It allows us to draw healthy boundaries, and help us establish our priorities in life.

Self-love is also accepting ourselves for our lights and shadows, and bring this acceptance and compassion to others.

  1. Allow yourself to make mistakes.  We can only make a decision or respond on a situation based on the knowledge and the tools that we have at that given moment. A mistake or “failure” is only the sign that you need to learn more or that your tools did not equipped you to deal with that particular situation. Be accountable and make amends if you need to, but take a mistake as an opportunity to grow, rather than a measure of self-worth.
  2. Be your best friend. When life gets though, and you are going through a testing time, simply take a step back and try to see the whole situation as it was happening to your best friend. What advice would you give to him/her? How would you speak to them? The way we speak to ourselves and the way we self-judge, will influence our actions and how we respond to a difficult situation. Try to speak to yourself in the same way you would speak to your best friend.
  3. Allow joy into your life. Whether that means a long walk in nature or to make space for a meet up with a friend, we all need something to cherish and that elevates our lives. Learn to enjoy the moment, from an unexpected day of sunshine to a smile from a stranger, and allow time to do activities that you actually enjoy and give you pleasure.

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