The power of gentle acceptance

The power of gentle acceptance

Our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and the stories we tell ourselves drive our behaviors and habits. We need to recognize and connect to those emotions in order to have behavior change.

In a world that constantly remind us, especially on social media, that we need to be “positive” many of us may experience guilty in feeling negative emotions, and might be tempted to shun them and shelve them away.

Or in some cases feel so attached to them in a misfiring effort to cope, we become too attached to them, holding them so tight that it is difficult to let go.

Gentle acceptance of what we feel, and what we cannot change in what surround us, give us the power to choose how we want to respond, and find a better and more positive solution to our problems.

Tools like meditation and mindfulness can show us ways to be aware of our emotions, sit with them for a bit, and allow us to find a space were we can respond to those feeling in a more positive and functional way, creating personal growth.

Many unhealthy habits are the result of us trying to cope with feeling that we might feel guilty about, hold on too tight or try to shun and shelve away.

Those two glasses of wine, that we are now used to have every evening, those hours spend mindlessly on social media or surfing the net, that addiction to checking your phone first thing in the morning without even having had the time to connect with yourself, those comforting take aways that we promise ourselves that would be the last, or those days propped up by that propensity to coffee, sweets and unnourishing food.

Be kind with yourself and let go of the guilt: it’s form here that change happens.

5 thoughts on “The power of gentle acceptance”

  • I love the honesty of this article. It is really difficult to feel positive always especially with the situation now. Acknowledging our feelings is very helpful . Being surrounded with supportive people help us with our coping too.

    • Yes, I totally understand. But it is also a journey towards self-esteem and getting in a position when we don’t rely on other people’s opinions for our self-esteem.

      The important is to realize that our outer reality and our inner reality, both have lights and shadows, positive and negative, and recognizing this is important for finding ways to deal with them. Sugar coating positivity and denying negative feelings can be detrimental.

  • Learning to be kind to yourself is so important. It’s far too easy to scroll online for 5 minutes and feel down because of something you’ve seen without appreciating your own life/ skill/ whatever it may be. It can be difficult but it’s such a worthy journey.

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