The myth of productivity during lockdown

The myth of productivity during lockdown

Are you keeping yourself busy, busy, during lockdown? Whilst keeping busy could be an effective coping mechanism to anxiety in the first place, it can also become a way to escape our reality and be faced with our inner self.

We live in a society that praise the myth of productivity, but human beings are not robots. During this pandemic we are required to find new ways to adapt to our new reality: logistically, emotionally, rationally and economically.

We need new ways of thinking to find solutions to an unprecedented situation. We also need to create resilience and emotional intelligence to deal with the somewhat brutal new reality.

And it is here that the myth of productivity comes into play. Research have shown that we can foster creativity and creative thinking not by being busy, busy, but in those leisure and idle moments when we can just be.

During this lockdown try to “let go” of the habitual busyness and allow yourself to do what “feels” right for you, rather than only what you “should do”. Try to find “meaning” and “purpose” rather than productivity.

Try to make this lockdown a time where you can also nourish your soul, and allow leisure time to recharge your mind and foster resilience and creative thinking to make you ready for the world outside.

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