The Vegetarian Cookbook

The Vegetarian Cookbook

25 Fundamental Healthy vegetarian Recipes for modern life, with gluten-free, dairy-free & nuts-free options.

The world is going Vegetarian, and for a few good reasons! Lowering our meat and animal produce consumption is beneficial for both human and environmental health.

So The Healthy Gourmet, wanted to contribute with these fundamental easy & quick recipes to start your vegetarian lifestyle.

You will find many gluten-free options, together with some dairy-free, nuts-free & vegan recipes options. Breakfast recipes, sauces, dips, saucy stews, Mediterranean eggs, soups, quinoa salads and desserts, all thought for real people with busy lives.

Many recipes are ready in less that 15 min, and all the recipes are designed to be sustainable, reducing food waste and avoiding long shopping lists.

The recipes include a wide variety of grains, non-grains, legumes and pulses choice to maximise nutrients variety and intake.

Perfect for these days of lockdown, when choice is less abundant, the recipes have a limited ingredients lists, and can be made with many store cupboards ingredients.

What they say about the ebook

“The Healthy Gourmet Vegetarian Cookbook is great! It simple and delicious recipes, with nutritious ingredients that are easy to find. The book is very helpful and interesting for those who are not vegetarian but are looking to create variety in their diets with healthy and delicious meals. The recipes look gorgeous and are great for informal dinners with friends. It’s certainly a must have in the kitchen!” – Barbara, Italy

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