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The 5 pillars of effective Nutrition Coaching

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Nutrition coaching can be very effective at changing and creating new healthy eating #habits.

One of the main differences between a nutritionist and a nutrition coach, is that a coach will support you in your journey to create healthy eating habits and will empower you with the knowledge and the skills to confidently choose what is best for you.

As habits are created with time, nutrition coaching is a process that requires time to work. If you are looking for a quick fix nutrition coaching is not for you.

A nutrition coach will educate about the principles of good nutrition, or what I call “laying the foundations of healthy eating”. It is not about being Paleo, Keto or vegetarian, it is about understanding what constitutes “healthy” and listening to your body signals

For example, learning to read nutritional food labels, being able to spot hidden sugar and unhealthy additives. Learning to create a “balanced meal”.

Simple concepts that can be transformative and allow you to choose what to eat with confidence and without stress.

From food shopping tips to recipes adapted to your taste, a nutrition coach can give loads of tips on how to make the process of healthier eating quicker and less complicated.

When things get complicated we tend to fall back to older habits, especially in times of stress. The mind tends to “save” on mental energy going through a “known path” (your older habits).

But when you have easy and delicious meal options, you won’t nee to order a takeaway!

Everybody is unique. Everybody is unique and has a unique lifestyle. We all have different likes and dislikes, different genetic predispositions, and work and family schedule. Learning to adjust those healthy eating principles for your own needs will give the key to success

For example, some people are OK with a delayed breakfast, but for others, this can lead to an increase in the stress hormone cortisol.

When we are stressed or busy we tend to fall back to the old ways. Habits are neuronal circuits or pathways that are reinforced over time, or in other words neurons ( brain cells) that “fire together” creating strong connections.

This is why we say that to create a new habit, you have to “rewire” your brain. That means creating and reinforcing new connections. It takes time to do that, and it is perfectly normal to have setbacks, and fall back in the old path.

A nutrition coach is equiped with behavior change skills that will help you create new habits.

We all have a “belief system”. And sometimes it can get in the way of us changing behaviour in may areas of our life. This is the deeper level of transformation and one that can while a light on many different aspects of your life.

A typical example is someone that feels “unlovable” and would go through endless diets to get that ideal body that makes them feel worth of love.

Creating awareness of your thought patterns and emotional triggers for emotional eating, can help change your behavior. Otherwise, it may feel like navigating in the dark, and it is easier to fall back to unhelpful and unhealthy habits and behaviors.

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  1. Nutrition requires a big mindset change to be successful. Poor diet is a cause of many diseases. Thank you for this info, it’s very helpful.

  2. As someone who has been on both sides of the nutrition equation, I can attest to the transformative power of having an expert guide you through the sometimes-confusing world of food and wellness.

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