10 ideas to super-charge your salad

10 ideas to super-charge your salad

Springtime is now here, and with the warm weather comes the need to detox from the heavier and mostly cooked winter meals and favor more raw and fresh ingredients.

Raw vegetables maintain intact heat sensitive vitains like Vitamin C, and have a enzymes that can aid your digestive system. 

This is a simple and easy way to instantly add more nutrients and health benefits to your salads even ready made shop bought ones. You can also add some raw vegetables to your cous-cous and quinoa salads. My next blog post will be about spicing up your salads with some different healthy seasonings, so stay tuned!


Peppers. Rich in Vitamin C, peppers add a distinctive taste, fibers and more filling power.

Spring onions. Great in both Mediterranean and Asian style salads, they instantly add flavour to any meal.

Baby cucumber. Sweeter than the regular one, you can find it in shops the sell Middle Eastern foods. Rich in potassium, some vitamin B and rich in anti-inflammatories.

Radish. A little powerhouse of nutrients, it helps the liver and stimulate the digestive system. Rdishes comes in many colors, so I would really suggest you to try different colors, especially the dark purple ones.

Celery. Try it  finely sliced to add shop prepared salad, to add crunchiness, texture and nutrients. Rich in fibers and detox friendly.

Broad beans. Rich in proteins, they are a great addition to any green salads, Try them with a baby potatoes, green beans and cos lettuce salad for a nice change.

Fennel. Delicate and rich in fibers, it add a unique taste to any salad. Great with fish, and combined with grapefruit and rocket.

Rocket. A real super-green, nutrients rich, salad leaf with a strong taste. A great alternative to spinach and kale with its lower oxalate content.

Strawberries. Amazing with simple rocket or baby spinach salads and some balsamic seasoning.

Grapefruit. Try them with fennel, or in a green salad to add variety and spice up your diet. Graet for a summer salad.

Remember a variety of colorful raw, vegetables and fruits is essential to bring not only vitamins and minerals to your diet, but also a incredible range of phytonutrients, which can be considered nature’s own medicines.



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