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Rice and quinoa spaghetti with raw spinach pesto

Gluten-free rice and quinoa spaghetti with raw spinach pesto

This pasta is absolutely delicious and gluten-free. The pesto is incredibly quick to make and full of goodness ready in 10 min! The pasta I have used is Bio-Fair and it has been a wonderful surprise, for its taste, and consistency. I have never really liked gluten-free pasta, but I can certainly recommend this one.

Ingredients (serves 1 )

  • 70 gr of Bio-Fair spaghetti
  • a handful of spinach leaves
  • 20 pine nuts
  • extra-virgin olive oil
  • some fresh parmesan to grate
  • sea salt to taste

Boil the water and cook the spaghetti. In the meantime, put the washed spinach and pinenuts in a blender, adding a dash of sea salt and a bit of olive oil. Blend until you reach the right consistency, pour in a little container and add some grated parmesan to taste.

Drain the pasta when al “dente” , add the pesto and serve!

Healthy tip. this recipe is light and delicious, but make sure you complement it with more proteins and some more raw vegetables or fruits during the day for more micronutrients.

My ideal choice would be:

Poached egg on toast for breakfast, some strawberries for a Vitamin C mid-morning, rice and quinoa with raw spinach pesto for lunch, some Greek yogurt and fresh fruits for a mid-afternoon snack and some grilled chicken with loads of vegetables for dinner.

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