Real kombucha: the best non-alcoholic wine and Prosecco

Real Kombucha bottle and two glasses

I am always on the lookout for healthier alternatives to yummy everyday meals. After all, If you manage to swap your favourite foods for an alternative that tastes great but has more health benefits, your general health will be improved as a result, without you having to go on a diet of feeling sacrificed. This is what I aim to achieve with my healthy recipes.

When it comes to alcoholic drinks though, finding a replacement that tastes great but has a low alcoholic content, the choice is not that easy. But with the festive season around the corner, it was nice to find a lovely alternative to wine a prosecco and be able to raise a toast without any of the side effects of alcohol and almost non of the sugars.

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine created from fermented green teas. It is obtained using a specific culture known as a ‘scoby’, a ‘symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts’ with probiotic properties. The result is a drink that it is delicious and tastes like wine, but does not have any of the downsides of alcohol and has healthy benefits instead! It has a slightly tart flavor (that’s the flavor of the beneficial acids and vinegar), has a very small amount of alcohol (around 0.5%, as you will find in most non-alcoholic beers, which is left over from the yeast fermentation) and only a small amount of remaining sugars (which means it’s not going to sit heavily on your waistline).

What are the benefits of kombucha?

To begin with Kombucha is mainly known is for its probiotic properties which that it provides your good with beneficial bacteria. It is alcohol-free,it has a negligible amount of sugar and it is gluten-free.

Its beneficial properties lie with polyphenols, acetic acids and anti-oxidant compounds deriving from the fermentation of the green tea leaves that are believed to have a wide range of beneficial effects: from helping to reduce diabetes risks to anti-inflammatory properties and protection for the cardiovascular system. You can read more about Kombucha’s health benefits here.

Why I loved the real kombucha

Real kombucha comes in two different flavors: “Royal Flush” and “Dragon Fly”. The bottles came in beautiful and elegant boxes (which makes them an excellent idea for a gift) and the parcel was promptly and safely delivered, which was a good start.

But what impressed me the most was the amazing taste. I could not believe that “fermented tea” could be so delicious and really have this amazing wine-like flavor.

Royal flush

With its fruity and sweet notes, Royal flush is a lovely surprise. The taste reminded that of sweet Malvasia wine that I drank in Italy, and I would recommend it to accompany any desserts or as post-meal dessert “wine”.

Dry dragon

Dry and fresh, the Dry Dragon, is the perfect substitute for a crisp white wine, perfectly paired with fish or seafood, or just to have on its own. Delicious and my favourite!

Perfect for mocktails

With the party season coming up, these two non-alcoholic sparkling wines are fantastic on their or mixed up with other ingredients as the perfect base for non-alcoholic cocktails, the perfect choice for all those healthy conscious gourmet out there.

After all, what makes us pile up the pounds during the festive season are mainly the extra cocktails, wines and prosecco that we drink. These two fermented drinks are the best non-alcoholic alternative to wines and they are excellent as a base for healthy mocktails.

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