How to set your goals in 2022

How to set your goals in 2022

This time of the year is one for resolutions and plans. But before you start writing down your goals for the New Year, please take some moments to get more in touch with yourself and understand your true needs and values.

Most of the time we don’t follow through with our resolutions because we set our goals wrong, focusing more on what we think we “should” do rather than making choices closer to our true self and that satisfy our true needs.

Our life choices matter for our health too. The lack of life satisfaction can lead to self-sabotage, emotional eating or “maladaptive” coping mechanism where we try to compensate for what we miss in a dysfunctional way.

Sit down with yourself, and get in touch with your soul.

In health coaching, we use an expression called “primary and secondary foods” meaning that our well-being is not defined only by the amount of broccoli we eat, or how often we go to the gym but also by other aspects of our lives like relationships, job satisfaction, sense of purpose and self-expression.

It is important to see your life as a whole and understand how different aspects of your life are related together and important for your level of well[being and health, like little slices of a pie.

This helps us find a sense of direction, increase life satisfaction and reduce chronic stress, which has such a detrimental effect on our short and long-term health.

For example, if you want to lose weight but socialization and spending time with others are now your top priority, you may focus on well-being first, of which socialization is an important part, and try to squeeze some exercise with your friends like a class to do together or a weekend hike and commit yourself.

You could then commit to doing just one hour of workout on your own, just to keep you grounded and sticking to your goals and at the same time have more time for your friends and social life.

Understanding your needs is important, so you can set the right priorities and boundaries. and then work out a plan to get where you want to go. The mismatch between your needs and values and your choices in life is exactly what can create those feelings of dissatisfaction, even when your look perfect on the surface.

You can have the perfect job, perfect house, perfect family, yet feel like you have lost your mojo for life.

In a nutshell

When you work out your goals this year, try to understand your needs and values, get an idea of the direction you want your life to go, then work out a plan that aligns to that direction but keep it flexible to adapt to what life might throw at you. Enjoy the journey.


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