Have you reached your plateau? Try this….

Have you reached your plateau? Try this….

This is one of the most common complaint I received from my clients and friends alike: I have managed to lose weight but cannot shift the last stubborn few pounds. What shall I do? The scenario might sounds familiar. You have managed to get you through the paces, overhaul your diet, started moving more and managed to lose a few pounds. You feel proud of your achievements, but you are now hitting a rock and feel miserable.

Sounds familiar? There no need to worry, your health coach will explain you why.

The reason why you are not making progress is that your body have successfully adapted to the changes in your lifestyle and eating regime and is managing to carry out all its basic functions with less energy. You have to outsmart your metabolism forcing your body to burn more and access those fats cells.

  1. Spice up your exercise routine. This is crucial to lose the last remaining pounds. Long walks and moving more might help in the first phase of your weight loss, but are not enough when you reach that plateau. Make sure you include weights and resistance training in workout, play around with the length and intensity, add some proper cardiovascular training in order to fire your metabolism and stave off the dreaded plateau.
  2. Change the timing. If you are already eating a healthy and balanced diet, changing the timing of your meals might help. A simple 12 hours intermittent fasting  may help to force your body to use up that fuel stored in your fat cells, without changing a calories in your diet plan. How does that sound?
  3. Relax, rest & recover. Too much cortisol, lack of sleep, lack of proper recovery between workouts, can hinder your best efforts to lose weight and even prevent you from losing that “visceral fat” around your waist, which so important for health. Make sure you have downtime, sleep enough and have a recovery sessions between workouts.

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