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Pumpkin & sage risotto

This pumpkin and sage risotto, is delicious and delicate. A classic of Italian cuisine,  this pumpkin and sage risotto is made with olive oil instead of butter, making it lighter and easier to digest. The taste is delicious, light yet full of flavor. Gluten-free. 

A real, authentic Italian recipe that will impress your guests at a dinner party.

[lt_recipe name=”Pumpkin & sage risotto” servings=”2″ prep_time=”10″ cook_time=”15″ total_time=”25″ difficulty=”easy” summary=”A delicate yet, delicious pumpkin and sage risotto, just in time for Halloween. Made with olive oil instead of butter, it is light yet full of flavor. Gluten-free.” print=”yes” image=”https://thehealthygourmet.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Pumpkin-and-sage-risotto.jpeg” ingredients=”Ingredients;a pumpkin slice;120 grams Arborio rice;1 small brown onion; few sage leaves; Fresh Grana Padano cheese to grate; a dash of nutmeg;1 organic vegetable stock ( Kalo)-” ]Finely slice to onion, and put it in a deep non-stick pan to sweat with a bit of olive oil. keep the temperature low and add a teaspoon of broth if it dries too much. ;;Add few small pieces of lightly steamed pumpkin ( it would only take few minutes) and let them sweat too. Add the rice to the mix and let it “toast” for a few minutes without burning it. ;; At this point add the vegetable broth( that you have prepared in the meantime with the stock cube) bit by bit, making sure that the rice is always covered by the broth. Stir often. ;;;After ten minutes add some grated Grana Padano cheese and a dash of nutmeg. All the broth should evaporate by 15 min leaving a deliciously creamy consistency. ;Add some more Grana Padano, serve and enjoy! Happy Halloween![/lt_recipe]

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