Few practical tips to beat the belly bloating

Few practical tips to beat the belly bloating

Digestive issues are quite common. A poor or disorderly diet, stress, poor eating hygiene, lack of sleep and even a sedentary life, can all contribute. The first port of call is obviously to check with your GP as any change in digestive functions can mask a proper condition and you wouldn’t want to miss on something important. These tips below are only informative and for healthy people, that might experience some problems once in a while.

  1. Cut down on sugar or avoid it at all if you can for at least 2-3 weeks. Sugar is the favorite food for all the bad bacteria, so the first thing to do when you think you might have a bacterial overgrowth or imbalance is to starve the bad bacteria. Avoid refined sugar, and limit your carbohydrates for a few days to allow bloating to reduce. Read this article on tips on how to reduce sugar intake
  2. Have yogurt away from a meal This is just to avoid and increase in  fermentation due to the bacteria (albeit beneficial this time) feasting on the food especially if this contains sugar. For the same reason try to avoid eating yogurt and fruit at the same time to avoid fermentation issues as above.
  3. Eating hygiene. The way you eat can affect the whole digestive process and end up down there bloating your tummy. Chew properly, eat slowly and take a break for meal to facilitate the digestive process. Some people also gulp down air without realizing when eating, often as a result of eating in rush or anxiety. This can easily lead to tummy bloating and even cramps. For more eating hygiene tips please read my Mindful Eating article on here.
  4. Be regular. Regular bowel movements are necessary for optimum health and to keep our tummy flat. Homemade soups are a great way to keep everything moving down there, bringing not only fibers but also water and minerals. They are filling, so they discourage you from overeating. Keep then simple and have them with a sprinkle of extra-virgin olive oil on top to help things smooth down. Click here for a easy and gut friendly soup recipe that you can make in advance.

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