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Peas, courgette, rocket & mint soup

Peas rocket courgette and mint soup

An homage to the English garden and weather, with this summer soup. It is super easy to do, perfect for the whole family.

This soup is full of nutrients

You can make it advance and freeze it and use it as a starter or main meal. It is packed with gut friendly fibers, and contains good quality vegetable proteins from the peas, folates, vitamins B,  a bit of magnesium and several traces of other important minerals. A perfect soup for the summer.

Prep time 25 min

Ingredients (serve 1)

  • a cup of frozen peas
  • 1 medium courgette
  • a handful of rocket leaves
  • a small baby potatoes
  • a dash of organic stock (Kalo)
  • few fresh mint leaves

Simply place the vegetables in a small pot with some water and stock. Bring it to boil, then lower the heat, and carry on simmering for around 25 min. Blend it and serve!

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