Nutrition Reboot | Online Group Coaching Program

Nutrition Reboot | Online Group Coaching Program

Nutrition Reboot is a group health coaching program to help you create the foundation of healthy eating

This program is based on my popular individual coaching program, Nutrition Reboot, and it is designed to help you lay the foundation of healthy eating habits at a much affordable cost.

This foundational program is also the basis for my all my other programs, including the Emotional Eating Programme and the bespoke health coaching program.

This course will also provide the basis for those wanting to progress to an Intutive Eating approach.


We will see each other for a weekly 1-hour live coaching session [do not worry if you cannot attend, recording will be available} for six weeks, while in between you will receive specific handouts, tips, recipes, and most of all easy strategies for you to implement straight away to see real change. 

There will be a Private Facebook group for you to ask questions, have feedback on your meals and recipes, and to post tips, advice, recipes, and more. 

You will learn how to create a more sugar-balancing and anti-inflammatory diet, gut health, learn to read food labels, and most of all create habits.

The course will follow the approach of Integrative Nutrition, which means that we explore how other aspects of our lifestyle influence our eating habits, rhythms, and cravings. 

The course will start Wed 16th November | Live coaching session Wed 1 pm | Recording available.

I have also requests for an afternoon, after-work group, if this timing is not suitable for you, please get in touch by filling out the form below and let me know your preference.

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If you are interested in the course please register your interest below. I only do this course twice a year and only when I reach enough interest for this course. If you are interested in moving on from disordered eating and food restrictions into a more attuned relationship with food this course is for you.

A recording will be available for each of the sessions, so if you cannot make it for the live session, you will still be able to follow through with the program. You can also ask questions and feedback in the private Facebook support group.

For any questions, simply contact me using the form below or via WhatsApp.

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