My services & fees

My services & fees

I aim to deliver a custom made program to all my clients, as everybody is unique. I work with clients from all over UK, Italy and worldwide. If you don’t see what your looking for,  or you need a custom workshop or service for yourself  or your company, please feel free to get in touch.


We are what we eat” and we normally eat what we have in our kitchen cupboard & fridge.

Make sure you eat the most nutrients-rich food, getting rid of all those nasties chemicals that lurk in our food, with the help of a health coach. Home visits in all over greater London.

From £ 90 (travel expenses may apply)



This is an initial assessment to go through you lifestyle & eating habits. Full 7 days food diary included.

From £ 70  (redeemable if you purchase a health or nutrition coaching plans)

The Healthy Gourmet


Transform your lifestyle & eating habits, to become the healthier, happier, better version of yourself. 

From £ 70 P/h ( according to plans)  Single booking  £ 90


Going food shopping can be a bit of minefield if you trying to be healthy. Hire a health coach  to guide you through a health store, food market or an online store.



The Healthy Gourmet Lifestyle


A one off consultation, where you have the chance to talk to a certified health coach & Pilates teacher and make some clarity around wellness, nutrition & fitness.

From £ 60  (Skype consultation) 


The newest of my services, it will combine both my health & nutrition coaching and my Pilates & movement skills, to give a full assessment and orientation.

This is aimed at those clients who are unhappy with the way they feel and look, and who have tried “everything” in term of fitness and diets but are still unhappy with the results.

The Body MOT is particularly indicated for postnatal women where the need for restoring functionality, posture and core are very interconnected with nutrition, self-care and everyday choices

From £ 145 for 2 hours consultation

The Body MOT - The Healthy Gourmet

” In three months from now you will thank yourself”

Claudia is a very professional coach. She has combined my personal strengths and weaknesses in order to find a Pilates regime and healthy diet that suits my lifestyle which I have found really helpful. After having a baby, I found it really hard to get back into shape and restore my core strength, but after the sessions with Claudia I found that my well-being has improved significantly.” Mica, Wimbledon