My plans

My plans

As a health & wellness coach I work with clients on a one to one basis and the program will be tailored around you and your unique needs and lifestyle. Coaching is an ongoing process and will require at least three months to help with change and habits formation.

The process of coaching is the same regardless of your specific problems, but I do however specialize in certain areas.




Coming soon: Emotionally Eating Health Coaching Program

A 12 weeks one to one health coaching program specifically for those struggling with Emotional Eating, Disordered Eating and Binge Eating.

An evidence-based program that using tools neuroscience, nutritional re-education, CBT and mindfulness will help you break the habits loop and create better ways to deal with stress, guiding you towards a more mindful way of eating attuned with your body needs ad rhythms.

Virtual Pantry Detox & Makeover

Don’t let the word detox scare you. During this virtual call we will go through the food that you normally buy, and I will provide you with indication for more nutrients rich and healthy options, that are the closest to your current food preferences, so that you can still enjoy your food, but with a higher health content.

A virtual pantry detox and makeover is an essential part of any health coaching programme.

Healthy Food Shopping Support

After a pantry detox, you might want to buy a higher quality foods, but if you are busy, or are unsure where to shop and find the best I can provide my expertise, to save you time and stress.

Recipes and meals plan

A bespoke plan or recipes bundles for you and your family.

Virtual Cooking & Food Prep Classes

Classes are available on a bespoke basis. Minimum booking 90 min.

Claudia has combined my personal strengths and weaknesses in order to find a Pilates regime and healthy diet that suits my lifestyle which I have found really helpful. After having a baby, I found it really hard to get back into shape and restore my core strength, but after the sessions with Claudia I found that my wellbeing has improved significantly.” – M. Wimbledon

The Healthy Gourmet Vegetarian Cookbook is great! The book is very helpful and interesting for those who are not vegetarian but are looking to create variety in their diets with healthy and delicious meals. – B. Italy

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