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Japanese iced Sencha green tea

The big heat is here! London is wrapped in a giant heatwave with peak of 38. Needless to say, in this heat is important to stay hydrated. Water is great, but sometimes you need sit back with a nice and refreshing drink in your hand.

Green tea is full of antioxidants and has fresher and lighter taste compared to black tea, that make it ideal for the summer. This Japanese sencha green tea, is delicious, light and fresh, absolutely lovely for the summer.

You can make it in abundance and than take it with you at work, or if you are running around town. The lime juice (or lemon) bring some electrolyte (potassium and a bit of magnesium) that we need to properly re-hydrate when we sweat a lot,  and some vitamins. Maple syrup add taste, a bit of sugar and some more minerals.

[lt_recipe name=”Iced Sencha green tea” servings=”1-2″ prep_time=”2 MIN” total_time=”2 MIN” difficulty=”Easy” summary=”A delicious, fresh and light Japanese green tea, perfect for the Summer.” print=”yes” image=”https://thehealthygourmet.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/alison-marras-3j2MJ3eOLcs-unsplash.jpg” ingredients=”2 Sencha green tea teabags;500 ml boiling water;1/2 lime juice;few drops of maple syrup;mint to garnish” ]Simply brew the tea, chill, add the maple syrup, chill, and serve with freshly squeezed lime juice and some mint leaves to garnish.[/lt_recipe]

For those who are looking to know more about green tea and its properties, you can find many useful information on this article from a fellow blogger on here .

And if  you are looking for more refreshing and healthy drinks recipes for the summer, have a look at one of my favourites: my pineapple, ginger and lime drink, full of anti-oxidants and ant-inflammatory properties.

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    1. Thanks Petra! The lime juice and a few drops of organic maple syrup in this recipes also add some electrolyte, which are very helpful when the weather is really hot!

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