How to survive in times of Coronavirus

How to survive in times of Coronavirus

We live in stressful times, and I am sure many of us will be living times of worry and anxiety.

Whilst these emotions are natural, Coronavirus is here to stay for a bit and we need to adapt our mindset in order to be more resilient mentally and emotionally to survive these times.

First of all, we need to think that scientists are working around the globe to find out more about this virus and how we can fight it. As I write, doctors in Italy are trialling an anti-arthitis drugs that have seemed promising on some patients, so hope should not leave our heart, and I am pretty confident that science will be able to help us soon.

On the other hand we need to


Online publications and social media are where most of us are getting their information at the moment. Which is very handy yes, but can also create more anxiety and worry. Social media are made to attracts our attention and create those dopamine kicks, and keep us engaged with our screen. In this way it is easy to create an overload of information that in time of uncertainty can create a true anxiety storm. Taking a break from social media and in general source of information is a must.


This is the most important thing to create resilience. Mindfully choosing to engage in a an activity that gives you pleasure or makes you feel fulfilled is fundamental to counteract those negative worries and anxieties. Bringing a little joy, laughter, a sense of purpose even for a short time is essential to counter-act those negative feelings and thoughts and create some much needed endorphins.


During these times of Coronavirus you are more likely to stay at home. This can be frustrating and contribute to anxiety. Having regular breaks from your desk or sofa, having a regular walk around the house or having 5 min exercise routine every hour or so, will keep the stress down and your health up. If you are unsure on what to do, there are plenty of apps or online exercise channels to keep you inspired.


You are bound to have more time on your hands than usual, but make sure that you use this purposely. It’s OK to be idle and binge on Netflix for a while, but make sure that you also use your time in a way that is meaningful for you and for your life and can create self-growth. Maybe you always wanted to take an online course for example, start that blog, practice meditation or simply dedicate some time to an interest that you had in past and the you never quite have the time to follow though.


With social distancing or self-isolation you might feel lonely and disconnected but technology is our friend. Try to join a local online support groups to make you feel more connected, stay in touch with family and friends, find an online community where you can express your views and feelings and have your voice heard.

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