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How to make overnight oats

Breakfast recipes

Overnight oats are a great healthy and quick breakfast recipe. They are gluten-free,  and have a balanced composition of vegetable proteins and complex carbs, to keep you full and nourished until lunchtime.

As the name suggests, overnight oats are quickly prepared in the evening, and then kept overnight in the fridge, to be ready for you for breakfast, to make your start of the day quick and healthy.

For this breakfast recipe, all you need is a bag of porridge oats, possibly organic, milk of any kind ( almond milk, any nuts milk organic dairy milk, oat milk) and then some fresh fruits to add in the morning. That’s it! You can also add some nuts.

[lt_recipe name=”Anti-oxidants rich overnight oats” servings=”1″ prep_time=”3 MIN” total_time=”3 MIN” difficulty=”Easy” summary=”An anti-oxidants rich overnight-oats recipe, rich in vitamin C, gluten-free and daity free.” print=”yes” ingredients=”2 tablespoons of organic porridge oats;a small cup of almond milk (enough to cover);1 kiwi;few strawberries;few pomegranates;a dash of cinnamon;;” ]Simply put the porridge oats in a container, and cover up with enough almond milk. Add some cinamon, cover and let it rest overnight in the fridge.;;Take the container out of the fridge in the morning, add the fruits and you ready to go. You can add some more milk if you like.;[/lt_recipe]

The recipe above is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins, and perfect for any Anti-inflammatory Diet, Rainbow Diet and Mediterranean diet plan. Pomegranate is rich in ellagic acid which a strong anti-oxidant, strawberries are rich in other anti-oxidants in particular quercetin and vitamin C, while kiwis are rich vitamin C, folates and potassium among others. Vitamin C is a strong anti-oxidant and support collagen formation, iron absorption, liver detoxification pathways and immune system.

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how to make healthy overnight oats

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