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How to be fit & healthy during this covid-19 outbreak

Health Web Magazine experts panel

Few weeks ago I had the honour to be part of a panel of experts on how to keep fit and healthy during this Covid19 outbreak for the new health and wellness online publication Health Web Magazine .

My best advice is to simply decrease the amount of time spent checking the news and social media, and increase the amount of activities that bring joy and meaning to your life, to recreate a balance. Our emotions shape the chemistry of our bodies and minds, so a simple mindset shift can have a ripple effect on our mental and physical health.

Focus on what you can do and control in this new normal rather than what you have lost. Try to find a silver lining to this new situation and write down a list of positive things that our new reality has brought to you to keep you more focused.

Increase the amount of exercise and physical activity to create endorphins, and take advantage of this new reality to create habits that support your well-being.

Cook from scratch and lower that amount of sugar, processed foods and hydrogenated fats, while increasing the amount of real food.

Try to spend time in nature, start a vegetable garden, start a yoga or Pilates practice, meditate, learn something new, read a book, reconnect with your inner creativity, listen to music, dance.

Take full advantage of technology and invest in a bigger computer screen in you need to. Write a list of all the “social activities” that you can now do virtually: from networking events to cooking with your friends, having a virtual dance party or set up a virtual film or book club, the possibility are endless.

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