How can a health coach help transform your habits and health

How can a health coach help transform your habits and health

Summer is the best time of the year to change your lifestyle and create healthier habits. 

Change, although easier at the beginning, it is difficult to sustain in the long term. With time, we tend to fall back into our old habits and patterns of thoughts and behaviours, motivation comes and goes, and we become more and more frustrated with ourselves until we procrastinate or give up, thinking that it is really not for us.

Or maybe we manage to be on our best behaviour for most of the day or even the week, but then in the evening we binge on cookies, sabotaging all our efforts, feeling guilty and frustrated.

In these situations having a partner that can provide support and accountability, helping us go back on track, can make the difference between failure and success.

A health coach can make all the difference, keeping you accountable, helping you overcome obstacles, identify and overcome limiting beliefs, draw boundaries and use science to rewire your brain and create new habits.

A Health Coach is a partner in an individual’s behavior change process. This process involves supporting the patient or client as they set goals, unearth values & strengths, and access intrinsic motivations to encourage the development of sustainable healthy behaviors and attitudes. |

Vanderbilt University

Health coaching will change your mindset first, giving you a clearer vision, more ability to sustain and manage stress, more ability to prioritize and draw boundaries, better time management and lifestyle organization, and the ability to create new habits and sustain change in the long term.

In practical terms this will results, in finally finding the time to at least schedule one weekly exercise class, or schedule time to recharge, being able to eat more nourishing and health-promoting foods, because we can focus on how good it feels rather than that instant gratification provided by highly palatable (and high inflammatory) foods.

Working with a health coach will help you create better morning and evening routines for example, giving you a great head start for a more productive and enjoyable day and setting you up for a restful night of sleep.

You will become aware of how pillars of your lifestyle, like nutrition, sleep quality, stress management, movement and exercise, life satisfaction, relationships and sense of purpose can shape the way you feel can impact your health.

With the support of a health coach you can work towards your unique health and wellbeing goals that respond to lifestyle changes following a : decreasing inflammation, balancing and lowering your blood sugar levels, lowering your blood pressure, weight management and so on.

Stress, in particular can impact your health so many levels, firing up inflammation, increasing your blood sugar levels and your blood pressure, and disrupting your sleep and digestion. The food we eat, is not only fuel, but “information” for your cells and influencing hundreds of cellular reactions. Movement and exercise are not only keeping us fit, but they actively influence how we digest the food we eat, and essential health parameters like your blood sugar levels and blood pressure, to name a few.

Many people feel guilty in “prioritizing” their self-care, assuming that this is a selfish act. In reality, taking care of our well-being, both physical and mental, is what allows us to be the better version of ourselves, being better partners, friends, parents, and preventing burnout, making us more resilient and productive at work.

As an holistic health coach, I follow an integrated and lifestyle medicine approach with a further specialization in emotional and binge eating disorders.

if you would like to know more, or are simple curious how working with a health coach can improve your lifestyle, please get in touch to book a 30 min complimentary Dicovery Call.


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