Health Coaching vs Nutritional Therapy

Health Coaching vs Nutritional Therapy

“Lifestyle diseases are defined as diseases linked with the way people live their life. ” This can include conditions like diabetes 2, heart diseases,  obesity, stroke, colon cancer, hypertension and others. It is estimated that illness linked to poor lifestyle choices are costing the NHS 11 billions pounds.

And this where health coaches come into play. Addressing the whole body and mind-set health coaches can help with a varied range of issues, that affect the well-being of their clients and help prevents future lifestyle related illnesses.Their aim is help the client find their own balance, and learn longtime skills to manage their own wellness needs.  

Health Coaches are different from Nutritional Therapists in the sense that they focus on creating 
healthy eating & lifestyle habits rather than prescribe diets and supplements, and addresthe behavioral changes that are needed to sustain those habits. Health coaching also can help with a wide variety of issues like cravings and emotional eating, sleep problems, stress management and life/work balance.
Rather than focus only on food like nutritional therapists, health coaches see the whole picture, addressing other components of the well-being like stress management, exercise, sleep and life/work balance and holding the clients accountable for his behavioral changes.


Does not prescribe any specific diets, but help the client form healthier eating habits.

See the bigger picture, and actively support the clients in a creating a healthier lifestyle using a wide range of tools and skills.

Address behavioral changes, and work on what is holding the client back.

This can help:

  • Emotional eating ad cravings.
  • Exercise
  • Stress  management
  • Time management
  • Sleep problems
  • Work life balance


Mainly address your food intake, often prescribing a diet.

Offers only general advice on other lifestyle issues, like exercise, sleep and stress management.

Can prescribe laboratory tests and work more in depth with specific conditions.


My 10 experience as a mind-body discipline teacher and my interest in the nervous system, add another dimension to my health coaching, and give me the real whole body and mind approach. 

I have experienced both Nutritional Therapy & Nutritional Coaching myself, having grown up on a very strict diet as a child, and I now prefer the concepts of Nutrition & Holistic Health coaching, as it allows more fluidity and fit much better with my lifestyle, where the joy of food takes a central part.

 I have recovered twice from two major health crisis in my life, and having a mild metabolic issue myself, I understand the importance of “managing” your well-being and nutrition needs, and the importance of lifestyle changes that suits your individual needs.

I believe in “empowering” my clients, giving them them tools to change and make mindful choices.


  • You have tried a few diets, but cannot really commit to them.
  • You have tried diets and juice cleanse, but then always put weight back on, in a typical yo-yo manner.
  • You are often travelling for work, hence find it difficult to stick to a diet.
  • You have been told by a doctor to change lifestyle for health reasons.
  • You are reaching mid-life and would like to get healthier and find a strategy to fight the sign of aging.
  • You would like to change your body shape and need some expert & independent advice to find the best exercise & lifestyle strategy to achieve your goals.


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