My training & qualifications

My training & qualifications

My main qualification is with the renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition of New York in 2017, but my journey into health & well-being started over ten years ago when I re-trained as a Pilates teacher after few busy years working in fashion retail.

Always a passionate learner, I then enrolled in various courses to develop my skills as a Pilates teacher and several nutrition, positive psychology and coaching courses.

I hold a Personal Coaching certificate from the renowned The Coaching Academy, and I have attended several online courses from some American Universities like Berkeley, Yale & British Columbia to name a few, ranging from positive psychology to biology.

I also hold a L 5 Nutritional Therapy diploma and I have since taken several CPDs on various subjects: gut restoration, gluten sensitivities, hormonal health, appetite neurochemistry and others, the latest being a conference on migraine and one on fatigue.

My current CPDs are either BANT and ScienceDirect approved or follow an applied Functional Medicine and nutrition approach from recognised schools.

I have an holistic approach and follow a Lifestyle Medicine model.

Memberships and affiliations.

  • Member of IAHC (International Association for Health Coaches)
  • Member of UKHCA ( UK Health Coaches Association)
  • Member of REPs (Register for Exercise Professional)


  • Nominated among UK TOP 10 health coach blogs to follow in 2018 & 2019.


  • My healthy recipes and articles have been featured on a number of UK and international wellness website and publications in recent years. Most notably, I have been on the writers ( scientifically reviewed) of CureJoy a wellness website with 20 millions viewers and I have been featured on VOGUE Japan.

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