I help overwhelmed professionals transform the way they approach their well-being and self-care, helping them achieve more energy, better health and less stress.

I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Pilates Teacher with ten years experience in the well-being industry, and a award winning food & health blogger. My love for food and a holistic approach to well-being and movement, started at a young age in my native Italy where I was born and raised.  There I experienced an integrated approach to health, the healing power of nutritional therapy and the passion for a simple yet delicious Mediterranean food. 

I re-trained as Pilates teacher after few busy years spent working in the fashion industry in London. After suffering a major health crisis and  I went back to what love for health and the study of the human body and the power of good food.

I have since trained many clients, working at many of the top studios and well-being clinics in London, with a clientele that has included high flying top  executives, CEOs, busy mums and even an Oscar winner.


My philosophy is that being healthy is easier than you think, if you focus on what it is really important for you, and that you don’t need to deprive yourself to be healthy. Enjoying life and the food you eat are one of the keys for a healthy life, and you just need to find what works for you and create a strategy to get there


My main health coaching qualification comes from the world renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition, but my health education is far more comprehensive and include positive psychology, nutrition, stress management and ten years working experience as a Pilates teacher.

I taken courses and CPDs with many reputable training institutions, schools and some courses from American Universities.

My first course six years ago, was the ground-breaking positive psychology course “The science of happiness” from Berkley University, followed by a few qualifications in nutrition, and then a certificate in personal coaching from the renowned Coaching Academy.

I have since taken dozens of CPDs in specialist subjects like gut health & restoration, hormonal health, liver detoxification, emotional eating, appetite neurochemistry to name only  a few. All my training is either BANT and ScienceDirect approved or taken with reputable Functional Medicine & positive psychology schools and professional training organizations.



I have been an in demand wellness expert & contributor for many international lifestyle publications including a mention in VOGUE Japan in April 2019.  My blog The Healthy Gourmet has been ranked among the TOP 10 UK health coach blogs to follow in 2018, 2019 & 2020. My latest article was featured Health Web Magazine, were I had the honour to be featured on a panel of international experts to give tips on how to be healthy & fit during Coronavirus pandemic.

I am a member of IAHC International Association for Health Coaches,  UK Health Coach Association UKHCA,  REPS UK register for exercise professionals.

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