Greek yogurt and blackberries coulis

Greek yogurt and blackberries coulis

This Greek yogurt and blackberry coulis is the perfect seasonal healthy dessert for the Autumn. I am a fan of Greek yogurt, the creamy, full fat version of it. I know that we are trained to think that full fat is bad for you, but even the full fat version of it will only contain 6% of fat, which is well within the percentage of what a normal person an have in a day.

What I am not a great fan of, are those shop bought fruits and vanilla “flavored” yogurts that is simply full of sugar. Many of them have around 12% of sugar content, and if you think that average portion is 200 gr, that can mean 24 gr of sugar in one so called healthy pot! Far too much,and frankly easily avoidable.

This super simple but juicy recipe will give you all the pleasure of the traditional yogurt but less sugar, and much more nutrients. Blackberries are also in season and a great substitute for blueberries. What are you waiting for?

Greek yogurt & blackberries coulis

November 13, 2018
: 1
: Easy

A delicious, healthy and quick dessert, snack or breakfast bowl rich of nutrients and decadent taste.

  • 2 tablespoons of full fat Greek yogurt
  • 6 -8 blackberries
  • Step 1 Simply wash a crush the blackberries with a fork
  • Step 2 Pour 2 tablespoons of full fat creamy Greek yogurt in a serving bowl, and the crushed berries with the juice.
  • Step 3 Simple and delicious!

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