Four simple tips to make your Christmas healthier and joyful

Four simple tips to make your Christmas healthier and joyful

Being healthy at this time of the year is possible. As usual here are few simple yet effective tips, to make your Christmas and festive season, healthier, memorable and meaningful at the same time.


Focus on experiences rather than material things. It’s not things that make us happy but experiences and the quality of our relationships. In a time where we tend to confuse Christmas with shopping, switching the focus on experiences rather than material things, can help us stay focused on the true meaning of this festivity, and create a bonding experience that can strengthen our relationships.


Christmas is made of memories, and memories are made of emotions, scents, rituals, atmosphere and sounds. Fill up you house with herbs, scents, light, music and experiences.


Help someone in need, be kind to a stranger or reconnect with a long time lost friend. Give to a food bank, chat with an homeless person, help at soup kitchen, there are plenty of opportunity to give. Helping others, help us get out of our shell, see things from a different perspective and create a flow of energy that is healing for both the giver and the receiver, and it embodies the true meaning of Christmas.


The festive season is awash with healthy foods and spices that will help you maintain that Christmas feeling, and at the same time crowd out the unhealthy foods. You can still have your mince pies and you pate, but simply add a liver friendly rocket & radicchio salad, for example or add some vitamin C rich fruits to help metabolize all the fat & sugar rich foods typical of the festive season. Read more here.

As usual, being healthy, it is easier than you think…..

Merry Christmas xx


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