How to find the time for a wellness regime

Lack of time is named as one of the reasons for feeling overwhelmed, unable to keep up with a healthy living regime and being stressed.

As most of us are going back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is important to find the time for self-care and health, without feeling overwhelmed or missing out on other important aspects of our life.

1. Start your day 15/30 min earlier. This might sounds difficult at first, but it will give you a clear head and help you better organize your day. Whether that means, having the time for a healthy breakfast, pack your lunch or a spot of some centering yoga, that extra time can allow you to start your day more collected and in charge.

2. Work out at lunch time. Organize a Pilates or yoga class in the office or check out classes at your local gym. Even a 45 min class can significantly boost your metabolism breaking the cycle of sitting. Working out at lunchtime at least once a week, will leave more time for your personal life in the evening and weekend.

3. Organize your wardrobe. A messy wardrobe can translate in more time spent choosing your outfit and less feeling of confidence. Lack of clarity in your wardrobe, can also translate in more money spent for items you don’t really need. Go through your wardrobe, find what works for you and think in terms of outfits rather than single items, it will save you time and money.

4. Plan and simplify your food shopping. Learn few, fail proof, easy but tasty recipes, that you can quickly do in the evenings, or with a bit of prepping during at the weekend. When you have something on your mind it is less easy to fall for temptations.  Then plan your food shopping accordingly, make a grocery shopping list and divide it in two: one for the essential cupboard items that you can keep for long, and the other for the fresh ingredients (vegetables, fruits, meat) that you need to use buy on a weekly basis. That way it is easier to keep in check what is in your pantry, and don’t run out of essential, making meal time a smooth and quicker operation.

5. Make a to do list. In the evening,  before you go to bed writing down a list of your most important tasks, will help you get those thought out of your mind before you go to bed, and at the same time help you prioritize and use your time at your best the following day. If the list gets too long, write it down anyway, and then streamline it to the essential. it will still help you out identify your priorities.

A health coach can also help you find the time to take better care of yourself, and establish your priorities, for a healthier and less stressed life.


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