Find me on Spotify: I am a guest on HealthCare Beans podcast

Find me on Spotify: I am a guest on HealthCare Beans podcast

A few weeks ago I sat down with James Haven of HealthCare Beans Podcast to talk about all things related to health coaching and lifestyle change.

It was a really good conversation and managed to touch so many topics. The title of the podcast is “How to let go of yo-yo dieting” and below is a breakdown of the Podcast. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify and Apple podcast.

This is what we talked about..

πŸ₯‘My background and entry into health and wellness

🍎The fundamentals of health coaching and how to empower patients

🍍Functional and holistic medicine

πŸ₯The use and limitations of willpower for behavior change

πŸ‰Intermittent fasting

πŸ‡The state of health coaching in the UK

πŸ₯¦The rise of subscription-based payments in health coaching

πŸ₯•Risks and benefits of new weight loss medications

πŸ₯Emotional eating and maladaptive coping mechanisms

πŸ“The pursuit of the dopamine kick

🍐The value of social prescriptions in healthcare

πŸ₯₯And the Claudia Armani Wellness brand and services

We hope you enjoy the show and do let me know what you think by dropping a comment below!


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