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Leftover feta cheese & kale frittata

Kale & feta cheese frittata

Nothing needs to be thrown away in The Healthy Gourmet kitchen! Bits or crumbles of feta cheese and few green leaves vegetables like spinach or kale, are often found in my fridge. In the typical Italian kitchen, these are often brainstormed and transformed in delicious and sustainable dishes.

Frittatas are one of those meals that allow you use up many vegetables and cheese bits. If you trying to be healthy, try not to fry the vegetables at high temperature: that can burn the oil that can release toxic substances. And always serve up you frittatas with a fresh salad or crudite’ if you can!

I love frittatas, they are ready in 10 min, provide a good source of proteins, and allow you to use up all your veggies leftovers. The combination of eggs and cheese is also a winner, and is great to finish off those little bites of leftover cheese too.

My advice is to use only a small quantity of cheese, just enough to add flavor, but not enough to overload the frittata, so to keep those saturated fats at bay, and the frittata light.

This one made with kale and feta, is great. I would suggest to combine it with a fresh side salad, or to complement a soup, for a vegetables rich meal.

-[lt_recipe name=”Kale & feta frittata” servings=”1″ prep_time=”5 MIN” cook_time=”10 MIN” total_time=”15 MIN” difficulty=”Easy” summary=”A very easy but tasty eggs frittata, rich in proteins and great to use up kale ad feta cheese leftovers. Have it as starter of as a main with a side salad.” print=”yes” image=”https://thehealthygourmet.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/image-4-e1509728119859.jpeg” ingredients=”Few kale leaves ( lightly steamed 4-5 min);2 eggs;a few crumbles of feta cheese;1 garlic clove;a dash of chili flakes ( optional);A sprinkle of olive oil.” ]Place the kale leaves in a on stick pan with the garlic cut in two a sprinkle of olive oil and a dash of chili flakes ( optional);Let the kale warm up in the pan with the garlic and chili,in the meantime whisk 2 eggs ad add the crumbled feta cheese.;Pour the eggs on the kale, and let it cook though. Serve and enjoy!;[/lt_recipe]

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