Emotional Eating Program

Emotional Eating Program

Emotional eating is using food in response or to soothe emotions. While this is also associated with positive emotions, in most cases food is used as a means to cope with negative emotions like anxiety, stress, anger or sadness.

While using food in response to emotions once in a while is OK, this becomes a problem if it is your only way to deal with negative feelings or if it is regularly used as a form of reward.

Emotional eating is also craving high carbohydrate and high calories foods that have minimal nutritional value, which can contribute to weight gain and exacerbate pre-existing conditions like IBS, hormonal imbalances, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

My emotional and disordered eating program

My one-to-one Emotional Eating coaching program combines CBT and neuroscience-based techniques, nutritional education, and mindfulness to help you separate the emotions from the food, and give you better coping tools and self-care techniques.

What is disordered eating?

Disordered eating is a way of an unhealthy way of eating that involves restrive dieting, compulsive eating, or skipping meals. People may try to restrict food during the day to compensate for large meals or binging at night, overly obsess with calories rather than nutritional value, go on a cycle of restrictive diets and rebound weight gain, or simply graze and snack most days without having a properly balanced meal.

These types of eating behaviors can result in the loss of hunger and fullness cues and the disruption of those mechanisms that control weight, making it very difficult to lose weight, often prompting another cycle of restrictive dieting that simply will make things worst.

This program is for you if

  • If you are an emotional eater, if you are addicted to sugar, if you eat little and healthy during the day but binge at night, if you obsess about calories, or are a serial dieter I would like to hear from you.
  • If you want to learn to deconstruct your cravings, identify your triggers, and use neuroscience to break the habit loop and rewire your brain. 
  • Learn to feed yourself properly, let go of calorie obsession and serial dieting, working towards a mindful way of eating and relationship with food.
  • Break from the cycle of emotional and binge eating, let go of feelings of guilt and shame around food, and work towards self-love. 

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