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The best day to start a detox or a diet

Most of us tend to start a new diet or detox on a Monday, and most of us usually struggle to carry through and abandon their plans of a healthier diet mid-week. Could it be that the timing is just wrong?

The answer is yes.  Starting your diet or detox at the weekend instead, will give you the chance to unwind, switch off the flight-and-fight response, fit in some essential activities like a yoga class or the gym, and have the time to buy, plan & prep the food for the whole week which is essential for a diet or detox. Here is a blueprint for a holistic approach.


Book yourself to a yoga class. There are many studios that offer candlelit yoga which can make the experience really fun and restorative. Yoga helps with resetting your nervous system, stimulating your lymphatic system and massaging your internal organs.

Refuel. Get a juice before your class. I love a pineapple & ginger juice, but anything will do. After your yoga class, a homemade soup like a pumpkin & spices soup or a peas, rocket and mint, might be the best complement. (head over to the blog for the recipes)


After a restorative sleep, and a healthy breakfast, you can can carry on your day as planned. Simply make sure that whatever your activities are, they include a healthy lunch. There are plenty of cafe’ and delivery services, that offer a yummy range of healthy food to savor. You can meet friends at healthy eatery and combine your social life with your healthy needs.

Afternoon. Try some meditation. Clear your mind and your thoughts for a full holistic detox. Mind and body are connected and when you feel rested and regenerated you feel less inclined towards comfort eating.

Evening.If you are going out stick to a mocktails or eat something healthy like a grilled fish and some vegetables, and you will be fine in any bar or restaurant.


Time for a farmer’s market or health store visit: time to plan and prep your meals for the rest of the week.  This is the most important phase for any diet or detox, as you will need to make sure you have all the ingredients for the week ahead. Plan a few easy evening meals and 2-3 lunches to take to work.

Activity. Try yoga, run or the gym.

Slink brushing. If you have the time, try some skin brushing under the shower. Using a loofah pad or a skin brush, it can help stimulate blood circulation & stimulate the lymphatic system, improving toxin removal and nourishing of the skin.


Healthy breakfast, and homemade lunch. Monday is usually the busiest day of the working week when you need your energy and focus. After a restoring and healthy weekend, you should be at your peak conditions to start the week, helping to keep stress levels at bay.

If you are still getting wound up at work, try to focus on your goal and what really matters to you, or try 1 minute of breathwork like the yoga alternate nostrils breathing technique.


Carry on with your planned healthy meals and schedule at least 2 other activity sessions, like yoga, Pilates, gym or a run. By the end of the week you should hopefully find yourself with more energy, a couple of pounds off, and a newfound healthy way of managing your diet. Now make it a lifestyle.. 🙂

Want to have a more detailed blueprint for a detox? Have any questions? Comment below or join the conversation on my social media Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Have a healthy start of the new year…. xx



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  1. Interesting concept, I have never looked at it from this view. But it makes sense to start on your off days (even if its not actually Friday) to give yourself a period of adjustment. Great advice!

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