Tagliatelle with asparagus and leeks

Tagliatelle with asparagus and leeks

This easy to make and light and healthy tagliatelle with asparagus and leeks recipe, is full of spring vegetables just straight from the British garden. With its content of vegetables and only 65 g of egg pasta ( which is high in proteins), this dish is delicious, filling and satisfying, great with a crispy glass of white wine.

I advice to use De Cecco pasta for this recipes as it has an excellent taste, has an high eggs content, and can stored for a long time, minimizing grocery shopping time.

Asparagus and leeks are rich in Vitamin K, folatevitamins Bmanganese, and other trace nutrients, and are particular rich in a fibre called inulin, that act as a pre-biotic, for a healthier gut.



  • 130 grams of dried eggs tagliatelle
  • 1 bunch of asparagus
  • 1-2 leeks
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • Grana padano cheese to taste ( optional)
  • Sea salt


  • Wash and finely slice the leeks, and put them in the non-stick pan with some olive oil. Let them sweat at low heat for a few minutes.
  • In the meantime cook the washed asparagus for 4-5 min in boiling water, then chop them up and add them to the leeks. Keep on sweating the vegetables for a further 5 min, adding a little water if necessary.
  • Cook the pasta in boiling water according to the packet instructions, and when ready add it to the pan with the vegetables, and stir it well, adding some freshly grated Grana Padano cheese. Serve and enjoy!


You can use some of the leftover asparagus from my asparagus, broad beans and feta frittata, Happy cooking!


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