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Almond milk: my pick of the best

Everybody seems to be a bit diary intolerant these days, including me. Whether this depends on the farming conditions ( from antibiotic load, cattle stress hormones, grains feeding) or not, it is difficult to say, but if you feel that cow’s milk is a bit heavy to digest, almond milk can be a delicious alternative.

Once again though, it is not the main ingredient in itself that makes the difference (nuts instead of dairy), but the way the milk is produced. One thing is a homemade almond milk made from organic nuts, and one thing is an industrial made milk that contains 1% almonds, and a lot of additives likecarrageenan to their produce.

Other additives that I have seen in commercial brands of almond milk are stabilizers as locust bean gum and gellan gum. Are they safe? The most likely answer is that we don’t know much about them yet, but I would possibly stay clear.

Basically almond milk should be made of two or three things: almond, water and a natural sweetener depending on which type you buy. Here is my pick of the best:

Rude health. Almond drinkAs the name suggests, it also contains other ingredients and has a small percentage of almonds in it ( only 2%). The other ingredients are rice milk and sunflower oil, but everything is said to be organic and the taste is really delicious. It is the closest you can get to cow’s milk in terms of taste. My favourite. £ 1.99

Plenish organic almond milk.  A very good milk, made with only three ingredients: water, almond and sea salt. To keep in mind for those who need to keep salt under control. It contains 6% almonds. Very good price for its quality £ 2.49

Rude Health. Ultimate almond. One of the purest, it only contains almonds ( 8%) and water, nothing else. It is organic, and with a very strong nutty taste. Ideal for one of those winter warming, thick hot chocolate. £ 2.99

Ecomill. Original.One of the priciest, but also one of  the most delicious milks, it has a milder  and softer taste than the Ultimate almond. It is organic and contains 7% almonds, agave syrup, and corn maltodextrin form organic source. Maltodextrine is it actually a sugar, and although it comes from natural sources, it is actually processed. It is my second best for taste £ 2.99

Paleo foods. Unsweetened almond milk. Very good quality 9% almond content milk, made only with almond and water. It contains quite  lot of nuts, so not the best choice for those with nuts intolerance in the family. A bit pricey, but worth it. £ 3.99

Provamel. It is organic and contains only almonds ( 6.5%) water and agave syrup (3%).It has a good price for its quality and a very nice nutty flavor. Overall a very good balanced milk, with a very good value for quality £ 2.50

Blue diamond. Almond breezeGood price, and pleasant taste, but it is not organic and contains  additives and stabilizers. It contains,  2% almonds ( Californian), raw cane sugar and other ingredients: calcium carbonate, sea salt, sunflower lecithin, and carrageans. £ 1.50 

Alpro  is the least pure, in the sense that it contains a lot of added substance like: sugar, salt, tri-calcium phosphate, emulsifiers (sunflower lecithin) stabilizers (locust bean gum, gellan gum) and added vitamins. Only 2% almonds. £ 1.50

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