I am a health coach, nutritional therapist, and Pilates teacher, and I help overwhelmed professionals transform the way they approach their well-being and self-care, helping them achieve more energy, better health, and less stress.

I can help you improve and balance your diet with small changes and delicious recipes while addressing those lifestyle factors and belief systems that are holding you back and sabotaging your effort. 

I specialize in sugar-balancing and modern Mediterranean and anti-inflammatory eating regimes, like the DASH diet which can also be helpful for hypertension.

Together we will upgrade the food you eat to a more nourishing yet delicious version, helping you understand the metabolic impact of the food you eat, and how to sleep and unmanaged stress can impact your food cravings and metabolic health.

We will learn about primary and secondary foods, understanding the impact of emotions on lifestyle and dietary choices, so that you can break free from dysfunctional patterns of behaviors that affect your health and well-being.

I can work and collaborate with GP, MDs, nutritionists, and functional medicine doctors to help you improve your lifestyle and adapt to dietary and lifestyle changes with ease, less stress, and less overwhelm.

My blog philosophy

This blog started as a labor of love for good food and health, and because one of my biggest passions is to educate people on how food can easily be both delicious and healthy, hoping that you too can become inspired by the recipes of this blog to cook delicious but healthy foods.

My blog The Healthy Gourmet has been ranked among UK TOP 10 health coach blogs to follow from 2018-20121 and I have been an in demand contributor for international lifestyle & wellness online publications for the past five years.

Emotional eating program

My greatest passion is learning and developing my skills, so I recently added another specialization to my skill set and I am now offering a 12 weeks program for those struggling with emotional and disordered eating.

How to work with me

Simply fill in the form below, and let me know your requirement. I am now open to taking on new clients, and open to brand collaborations, wellness content writing, and PR inquiry.

For those looking for info on to train as a health coach, I am happy to respond to a question or two, but if you need more in depth advice or orientation service, please get in touch to book my orientation session service.

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