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6 rules for glowing skin

Summer is now here, and we have been blessed with a beautiful weather here in London this year. With summer dresses and less make-up, the attention is on the skin. So here are 6 lifestyle tips for glowing skin. Because beautiful skin is a healthy skin.

  1. Sweat. Sweating regularly helps the body flush out toxins as the skin is one of the organs adept to the detoxification process. A good workout at the gym, a yoga class or a  run, will help the skin “detoxify” itself.
  2. Hydrate. We all know beautiful skin needs water. Be also aware of those coffees and alcoholic drinks, that might help de-hydrate you. Roughly a person needs around  or 8 glasses a day or 2 L or water, unless under particular circumstances like intense training or hot weather, where you might need to also replenish with isotonic drinks. (subscribe to my blog to receive a recipe for a natural isotonic drink).
  3. Replenish. Nutrition is one of the key elements for a beautiful skin. Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, collagen, healthy fats, are all needed to repair and build new skin cells. Make sure that you have a diets full of colors and nutrients, to support a healthy skin.
  4. Skin brushing. It helps get rid of dead skin cells, stimulate the circulation and the lymphatic system. Done regularly 2-3 times a week, with a loofah pad or a skin brush, it is   a great tonic for the skin, that might also helps with conditions like cellulite. (for this you can also head over to my other blog post: “Cellulite what to do” on here.)
  5. Moisturize. A good moisturizer is essential to keep the skin healthy and youthful especially under the sun. Try to go for  products that minimize the use of chemicals (often hormone disruptors) and favor natural ingredients.
  6. Sleep. Is the natural body “recovery” mode, when the mind can process the emotion of the day, and the cells and tissues of the body repair themselves. Lack of sleep is detrimental for the general well-being of the individual: increase in cortisol (the stress hormone), inflammation and weight gain are just a few of the unwanted effects of chronic lack of sleep. Make sure you have you have enough of good quality beauty sleep.

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