5 easy ways to instantly improve your diet

With the New Year comes the time of punishing diets or “detox” to make up for the indulgences of the festive season.

And while the idea of starting afresh and clearing out the system and your life from what did not work the previous year might be a positive and powerful one, when it comes to food too much restriction may become counterproductive especially if you are an emotional eater.

Too much restriction can create “mental hunger”, the urge to binge or to start that vicious circle between diet and indulgence, which is exhausting and create havoc with your metabolism and weight.

Prioritize proteins and veggies

Proteins and veggies help you keep fuller for longer and balance your blood sugar levels, to help avoid those sugar cravings!

Prioritizing proteins and veggies does not mean cutting out complex carbs, but simply making sure that you add some proteins and veggies to every main meal.

Try eating a salad as a starter, or simply take a few bites of your veggies or proteins before your carbs!

Eat regular meals

The temptation to skip a meal after days of indulgence is high, but in reality, this messes with your blood sugar levels and nutrient intake.

When you skip a meal or have insufficient food intake, you are more prone to have cravings and that urge to hit ready-made high palatable foods like a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar, foods that are calories rich but nutrient poor, in the long term adding pounds to your waistline that are difficult to shift.

A thin sourdough slice of bread with a bit of smashed avocado and a small chicken fillet can be a very filling and tasty small lunch option for example, one that keeps those hunger pangs at bay

Have a 12 hours overnight fast

Give your digestive system a rest with at least 12 hours of overnight fast. This will help blood sugar levels, aids digestion and reduce bloating.

Aim at leaving at 3 hours between your last meal and bed. This will give the body the chance to properly digest dinner, before you go to bed.

Avoid sugary drinks

Don’t drink your sugar! Fizzy drinks, energy drinks, ready-made fruit drinks, and juices, all contain lots of sugar. In particular flavoured “lattes” like this tall Pumpkin Latte can easily contain up to 38gr of sugar. Be mindful of those.

Likewise, alcohol is metabolized as sugar, bringing empty calories and quite a bit of extra work for your liver. If you looking to lose a few pounds then, cutting down on alcohol is a good strategy.

Drink plenty of water

Keep yourself hydrated. Many people confuse being thirsty with hunger, so make sure you drink enough water or herbal teas.

If you feel the need for support in finding a way to create healthier eating habits that are sustainable for you and feeling more attuned to your body you can join one of my programmes or choose a bespoke plan.

Create healthy eating habits this year

To help you create healthier habits that last for life, I have created NUTRITION REBOOT a six-week program to help you lay the foundation of healthy eating habits.

This program is the underpinning of both my Emotional Eating and my Intuitive Eating Coaching programs and it now available as a group coaching program.

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