5 Cool things to do if you are in self-isolation

Self-isolation can be a frustrating time, but also one of self-discovery and self-growth. Staying indoor, maintain social & physical distancing while staying idle with all this time on your hands is the perfect recipe for negative thoughts, low energy, overthinking and anxiety.

You need to do something that excite you, or at least interest you, that you might be looking forward to do, that can also help you create a bit of structure in your day if you are at home.

1. Learn leadership and creativity from VOGUE editor Anna Wintour.

A shout out to all the girls out there. Who wouldn’t want to learn for the Queen of style and fashion? If you are around my age and used to watch Sex & the City, this Masterclass is definitely for you. You can find it in this vey cool website, called Masterclass, where you also can find lessons from many other world leaders in their fields. From Ann Leibovizt to Gordon Ramsey. From £ 14, 99 a month.

2.Visit a world class museum from the convenience of your sofa.

Have you ever wanted to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art or the Louvre and maybe not have the chance to? Well now that we all stuck on our sofa we can go and virtually visits many world class museums some of which are free. Learn more on here. From free.

3. Learn from a world top class university like Harvard, MIT & Berkley from free

EDX runs courses form the world top Universities. You can learn almost anything you like. You can earn a certificate or simply audit a course for free. My top recommendation is “The Science of Happiness ” from Berkley University. Free/paid

4. Start a home yoga & meditation practice.

There are plenty of yoga & meditation channels out there, so now that you have time on your hand why not starting a yoga or meditation practice. With so many apps and channel out there, here are my best recommendations for free, good quality yoga and meditation videos on YouTube: Ekharth Yoga & Yoga with Adriene. Free.

5. Virtually take” you kids to the TATE for some creative activities.

The TATE KIDS has some interesting creative activities to do with your children all the security of a virtual experience. From learning to make art like Van Gog to learning to weave or quizzes, there are some activities ideas that can keep your kids engaged. Creativity is essential for kids and grown ups alike especially when we go through though emotional times. It is a great way to channel those emotions and extra energy! Free.

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