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5 benefits of crudites

carrots crudite'

I love crudites. They are great for using up vegetable leftovers, increasing the amount of vegetables in your diet, as a healthy snack option, and a fantastic aid to weight loss.

They will fill you up with fibers and nutrients, increasing the sense of satiety, so important in weight loss and management. My advice is to experiment with them and with a variety of dips and seasonings, but most of all experiment with different vegetables.

Try carrots, celery and cucumber are the obvious choice, but why not also trying radishes, fennel, chicory, radicchio, artichokes, and broad beans?

Five benefits of crudite’

  1. They are ready in no time.
  2. They maintain intect all the benefits of the nutrients, like vitamins, phytonutrients and enzymes.
  3. They have lots of fibers and water, for better health gut and hydration.
  4. They are crunchy, which means more time chewing, so more fullness power.
  5. You can use up all the veggie leftovers.

Being raw, means also that they maintain intact all the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, enzymes), that often get spoiled by heat. Try them with a delicious dip of extra-virgin olive oil, few drops of balsamic vinegar, dried oregano and sea salt.  The fat in the olive oil, can help with the absorption of some “fat soluble” vitamins presents in some veggies. Yummy!

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