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4 common mistakes healthy people do | part 2

Following on from my most popular post on the blog   “the 4 most common mistakes healthy people do” I decided to write another piece, to share with you more of the healthy secrets that I teach my clients.

  1. A trendy diet. Whether is Paleo, vegan or gluten-free, a trendy   healthy diet, is not necessary what can make function your body and your mind at its best. The only diet that can work is the one that a diet that is tailored to your unique body needs and lifestyle, in order to support your optimal health.
  2. Healthy breakfast bowls. Those ones that  you get from the shop might not be that healthy after all. This “Sunshine mango & turmeric bowl” from Pret a Manger, contains much more than the fair share of sugar, with 23 gr per pot, setting your body for that infamous sugar cycle and insulin rush. Are you in rush an in no time for a healthy breakfast? Eat a whole fruit, like a small banana, apple, yogurt with berries, yogurt with cinnamon, or overnight oats or hard boiled egg. Sign up here to receive more ideas for healthy breakfast on the go.
  3. Gluten-free food is not necessarily healthier if its highly processed, and contains lots of sugar refined oils, hydrogenated fats and additives. Nuts, fruits, homemade granola bars, rice cakes, yogurt, oats muffins & pancakes, are all gluten-free natural options free of nasties and really easy to bring with you, grab on the go, or make in advance. Click here for my gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, nuts-free, no sugar added recipe for delicious pancakes that you can have even toasted, without any sugary toppings.
  4. Over-doing it. It’s finding the balance, my dear. Many health conscious people focus on each individual food ( like smoothies, healthy fats, blueberries) and eat as much as they can of those. A healthy diet actually needs a balance of nutrients that support the body in its functions and in a formula that unique for each individual at a given time rather than just a sums of “superfoods”.

Are you in need of finding that balance and become your healthiest, happiest you? Get in touch for any of my services: Pantry Detox & Makeover,  1:2:1 Health & Nutrition Coaching, The Body Mot and Ask a Health Coach. Cannot find what you are looking for? Get in touch for a tailored package or if you want me to organize a private workshop.


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