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3 self-care tips to implement in the New Year

Healthy food new year resolutions

We hear a lot about self-care these days, but do we really know what self-care really is, and are we really able to choose and prioritize self-care in a world were we are all so constantly busy?

1.Cut down on social media

Too much time spent on social media, can be detrimental for mental health and rob you of much needed time to dedicate yourself to healthy habits like exercise or home cooking.

Research has found out that the digital era is re-shaping the way our brain works, creating addiction and impairing our ability to focus. Try to avoid to have notifications on your phone, block out social media free time, and simply slot in dedicated social media time in your day, so that you have a control on it, and avoid time wasting distractions.

Plan a periodical digital detox time, and switch off your phone and laptop at least and hour prior to bedtime.

2. Learn few healthy recipes

There is loads of nutritional information out there, but when it comes to healthy eating, most of it boils down to meals and recipes. Simply learn few new healthy meals recipes, with a balanced proteins, carbs and vegetables ratio, and try to include them in your dinner or lunch routine more often.

Choose something that you can really looking forward to eat and cook, and something that it is feasible and don’t require a huge amount of difficult to find ingredients.

Now, make it an habit.

3. Do one thing you love everyday

Doing something that you really enjoy, even for five minutes a day, will help you get out of the flight and fight response, boost your mood and create endorphins the feel good hormones.

It does not matter if it is for an hour or for five minutes only, but the important is that you actually do it, everyday. Giving us the freedom and the gift of something that you love, will make you more resilient to stress, and strengthen your physical health by giving some respite from the flight & flight response.

Doing something that you really love and enjoy can also be the chance to reconnect with your inner self and creativity, and finding an alternative way to express part your personality that are usually repressed in your every day life and compensate for the frustrations of an unfulfilling  but necessary job.

Are you looking for some help to create more wellness in your life? Get in touch with a health coach

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