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3 healthy sweet treats ideas from a health coach

One of the most difficult things when you are on a diet, or simply paying attention to what you eat, is dealing with those sudden and strong sweet or chocolate cravings.

The trick is to have in mind some healthy treats, that are easy to be made at home, and that can also bring some micro-nutrients too. In a nutshell satisfy your cravings, without making you run to the shop and buy a packet of cookies! Because when you are in that craving mode, one cookie is never going to  be enough and sooner that you realize you have eaten the whole packet, generating feelings of guilt and getting you off the chosen healthy path.

So how can you have your chocolate and sweet fix, in a way that is reasonable and that it can even bring health benefits?

Healthy hot chocolate

During the years I have trained myself to have this drink without any sugar and made it with water rather than nut milk, but at the beginning, you can either try it with some maple syrup drops, or almond milk.

Raw cacao has tons of anti-oxidants, and I usually drink it when I am in need of energy, but I have already drank enough coffee for the day, or simply when coffee is not an option for me. The cinnamon also helps with keeping those sugar cravings at bay and it adds a lovely taste and complexity.

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Natural organic yogurt, strawberries & maple syrup

Who can resist strawberries? They are delicious, romantic and full of healthy benefits. They are not only rich in vitamin C, that per se has already a hosts of health benefits, including anti-aging, cardiovascular ad immune and liver health, but they contain a family of phyto-nutrients called flavonoids which have added health benefits including anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

I use full-fat natural yogurt rather than Greek yogurt because the natural one has half of the fats of the Greek, so if you trying to watch your weight, or are not very tolerant with saturated fats like me, it is a better option.  I would stay clear from fat-free ones as they are usually processed and have chemical additives and sugar added to make them more palatable. I normally choose the Yeo Valley organic natural yogurt for its creaminess, taste, and easy availability.

The same applies for maple syrup: use the organic ones, as this guarantees that they are the least processed as possible and they maintain the traces of nutrients they naturally have. You only need a few drops of maple syrup to add sweetness and flavor, which is good for those on low-sugar diets. I currently use the Duchy organic maple syrup from Waitrose.

Raw cacao & avocado mousse

A classic in the wellness world, this unusual combination of ingredients can bring you a lot of micro-nutrients which include anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and a host of vitamins, healthy fats & minerals.

The idea of cacao and avocado may seem odd at the beginning, but I can assure you that it delicious provided that are well mixed. Simply mash and avocado, add 2-3 teaspoons of raw cacao powder and a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup, blend, refrigerate and the mousse is done!

It is quite a rich taste, and due to the high content of natural fats it is really filling and you won’t need much to satisfy you.

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  1. Great idea. I’m really trying to eat more yogurt – soya as I’m lactose intolerant – with banana and strawberry. I find it gives me some sugar but fills me up too! I’m surprised by how little I need to eat to feel full!

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